Was It Camp? Review of Our Top 3 Met Gala Looks

Don'Chunte Foster-Bates

What better way to kick off our blog with a review of our favorite looks from fashion's most anticipated event? Honestly, I'm not sure that all 3 of these looks fall into the theme, but they definitely hit the mark.

Janelle Monae wearing Christian Sirano


Janelle Monae gave us all kinds of camp life in this theatrical gown that winks. She wins the best look for over the top creativity with a veil of elegance. Somehow this one was gaudy and fun but still chic.


Emily Ratajkowski gave us ethereal goddess fairy life with this look. We're especially in love the wing headband. We're not 100% sure this fits the camp theme, but it's definitely a sight to behold.





Tracee Ellis Ross wearing Moschino

How do you keep it camp AND elegant all at the same time? Ms. Ross has the answer: An elegant black dress paired with a frame hits both angles. Let's face it. This dress definitely fits her typical style, but exposes her fun personality. 


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