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About the Brand

Muse by Don'Chunte is where high fashion meets the modern woman. Formerly The MuseFeed, Muse by Don'Chunte, was created out of my passion for creating beautiful clothing that makes women look and feel powerful. Our muse is sophisticated with a slight edge. She inspires beauty and creativity, just like the muses of ancient myths and legends. Like art, fashion is a form of expression whether you are the creator or the consumer. 

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Meet the Designer


Fashion and beauty have always been a part of Don'Chunte's life. As a child, she was inspired by her grandmother who never left home without her powder foundation and lipstick. She taught Don'Chunte how to make clothing for her Barbie dolls and sparked a fascination that would turn into a full-blown passion.

During high school Don'Chunte designed and created several prom dresses for her classmates. She knew that she had to take her passion further, so she decided to attend college at Louisiana Tech University where she earned a B.A. in Merchandising and Consumer Studies. 

After college, Don'Chunte moved to Dallas where she decided to launch The MuseFeed, an online women's boutique featuring her designs as well as clothing from other rising fashion designers.

In 2018, Don'Chunte decided to take the brand in a different direction and relaunch as Muse by Don'Chunte. The newly launched site features her own designs and musings.


The Latest

Spring/Summer Preview 2019

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  • Clothing: Muse by Don'Chunte (@musebydc)
  • Photographer: Gary (@shootwithgary)
  • Hair: Monique Barber (@hairflo_mo)
  • Makeup: Lacey
  • Model: Alivia Smith (@alivialeesmith)

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  • Clothing: Muse by Don'Chunte (@musebybc)
  • Photographer: Demarcus Mitchell (@shawnbreeze)
  • Stylist: LoudPen (@loudpen)
  • Hair: Ivie Omoregie (@styledbyevia1)
  • Makeup: Tony Price (@m.a.d.e.flawless)
  • Model: Shanitta Turner (music_loveher)

Other Features

Pallette Life Inspiration by: Rachael Bassey  

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